As a reliable logistic partner, starting with the origin point of the goods and up to the place of their usage, ORIENT generates through its logistics services substantial advantages to customers, from both economical and quality point of view.

  Warehousing is a complex and important process in the logistics of customer goods, therefore, in important points (North East – South – West), the company provides:

  • A warehouse of 1,000 sqm in Constanţa Port, for all the goods of the customers that have import / export operations. At the same time, ORIENT also offers customs brokerage services, for a complete package of services required by customers.
  • A 5,000 sqm warehouse in Suceava, dedicated to customers in the area or its surroundings .For customers in the North of the country, ORIENT is an easy, efficient and economical way to achieve multimodal transport (naval / road / rail). ORIENT, through the railway terminal and the warehouse in Rădăuţi, offers exclusivity for multimodal transport for customers in Suceava County.

A warehouse of 800 sqm in Arad, dedicated to the goods of all the customers in the West part of the country.