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Cargo Transport

The SC ORIENT SRL company, located in Radauti, 7th Fabricilor Street, Suceava County, Romania, established in 1991, has it's main field of activity the romanian and international cargo transport, oversized transportation, crane rentals, auto repair services, import and distribution of auto parts for both cars and trucks.

ORIENT offers complete services in the both fields of national and international cargo transports areas, and for the special dangerous transports and oversized transportation also. At present our company is one of the most important and biggest international transport company in Northern Romania, as regards the number of transports, their frequency, the number of trucks as well as the quality of the services we offer.

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Heavy projects

This department runs 30 special trucks meant to carry heavy and bulky goods maximum 40 m long, maximum 8 m wide, maximum 4.5 m high and weighing up to 250 tons.

ORIENT has a considerable number of telescopic megatrailers with 3, 4, 5, 6 or 8 axes and modular trailers also, for oversized transportation. Our trucks have ADR cases, and our professional drivers have up to date licences for transporting abnormal oversized or dangerous loads.

heavy projects, heavy lifts

Your orders - always our priority!

Due to the large number of received transport orders and the export and import contracts with big European and Romanian companies, our company established in 2002 a special department that handles the cargo transports that our company can't directly deal with, outsourcing them in the same cost conditions, so that none of the orders we receive remains unsolved.

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