echipa ORIENT

About us

Established in 1991 and specialized in providing transport services, ORIENT SRL started with 5 employees and  is presently having a team of 79 professionals ,with registered office in Radauti, Suceava.

Besides its registered office in Radauti, Orient company has  branches in Cluj and Arad and provides also warehouse services for its customers in Radauti, Constanta and Arad.

In 2008, due to its professionalism  and quality of the offered services, Orient entered top 20 Romanian active forwarding companies in the  transportation field.


Orient Company offers both national and international, oversized, rail, sea and air transportation services, crane rental and also dangerous goods transportation services.

No matter which is your field and the type of goods you need to be transported, Orient team puts at your disposal appropriate transport means. We offer transparency during transportation, our customers having the possibility to ask for any kind of information.

As one  of the most important transport companies in Romania , we are  having a continuous developpment due to the big number of concluded transports, to the good prices and positive feedback received from customers.


Being present in a competitive market for over 28 years,Orient is relying on a team of professionals focused on seriousness and professionalism .

Orient team includes very well prepared forwarders with many years of experience, who make sure that goods arrive to destination safely and in due time. All transports are monitored and concluded by  specialized and well trained staff.

The staff knows very well all the company’s operating   processes , adjusting very well to the new work tasks. Employees are recruited and selected following appropriate procedures , according to their professional skills.

Objectives. Mission. Vision

Our company’s main objective is ensuring the services for each type of transportation, in order to fulfill the customer’s needs.

The company’s vision is becoming customers’ first option in relation to the transportation of goods.

Orient  aims providing highest quality services to customers , safely and in due time and also developping satisfying  relations with customers, based on win-win principle.

Our company supports large public needs, by offering a great diversity of services, tailored to various needs of our customers.

In relation to the staff, the company relies on their training , in order to obtain performance in this field.

Why Orient?

  • Punctuality ( goods are delivered in due time )
  • Flexibility and adaptability ( each offer is customized )
  • Safety and responsibility ( goods are covered by insurance policy)

Fidelity ( all orders are fulfilled)

Domestic and international freight transport

Wanting to do things differently, Orient company stands out as a reliable partner in relation with customers and collaborators, concerning the freight transport.

Besides the internal resources, the company cooperates with a significant number of partners, covering any destination in Europe.

Orient deals  also with the  demand of  transport permits throughout European Union, ensuring also the guidance  services for exceptional transport. These services ensure fast shipping and maximum safety for the transported goods.

The company is open to any type of collaboration with the import and export companies from Romania and Europe and offers optimal solutions for transportation.

Orient company guarantees good prices, delivery of goods in due time and a good relation of the staff with the customers.


Orient Company works in a responsible way and according to the legal requirements of the countries where it operates.

The compliance activity is supervised inside the company by the Human Resources Manager , together with the Legal department.

Gift giving and acceptance practices (money or other type of presents) in order to facilitate some business, are completely forbidden for all employees, inside the company and also in relation with partners, third parties or regulatory bodies.